Top facts about Alexandra Daddario

Top facts about Alexandra Daddario

In this article you will know about the facts of famous actress of Alexandra Daddario.

  1. Original Name. Alexandra Anna Daddario
  2. Short Name. Alex
  3. Age in 2019 33 years
  4. Date of birth March 15, 1985
  5. Profession Modeling, Actress
  6. Weight 60 kg
  7. Height 5 feet 9 inch
  8. Figure Measurement 34, 26, 32
  9. Eye color Dark Greyish
  10. Hair color Light Brown
  11. Nationality American
  12. College Marymount
  13. Debut 2006
  14. Religion Christion
  15. Marital status Unmarried
  16. Lover Jason Fuchs
  17. Net worth about $4.5 Million

Some others facts about ALLEXANDRA DADDERIO

  1. Alexandra Daddario performed first role in the first session of HBO channel.
  2. She is found of Dog, and her one favorite dog name is Levin.
  3. She is also known as hottest woman of the word.
  4. Sometimes she drinks Alcohol. But she don’t smoke.
  5. When she was 15 years she was started work at television shows.

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