The top 10 highest earning plus sized models in the world

While the figures that long have dominated the runways, and the campaigns we repeatedly thumb through and scroll past, often subscribe to one specific body type, the modelling industry has made strides to become incrementally, but increasingly, diverse over recent years.

Top 10 Most Famous Plus Size Models in the WORLD

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And with perspectives on beauty norms rightfully shifting to become more inclusive, paired with the democratisation social media offers by giving everyday people a platform, we’ve seen models of all ethnicities, religious backgrounds, shapes and sizes see deserved success, enabling them to reflect a realistic and highly relatable image of humankind back to us — plus-sized models in particular taking their rightful role in this inclusivity-geared pursuit.

However, the term ‘plus size’ has long proved controversial, with a number of prevalent models such as Ashley Graham and Paloma Elsesser opposing the categorisation as a form of othering. Perhaps more controversial is the qualification for being ‘plus sized’, which often sits below the average size of Australian women — the Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that this figure sits between a size 14 to 16 — and the average clothing size of women in the US (local sizes 16 to 18) and the UK (local size 16).

On the otherside, models including Crystal Renn and Tess Holliday have expressed their gratitude for the term ‘plus size’ for its ability to open doors for models of different sizes — and its this opportunity opening that’s been to thank for the increase in inclusive body types presented to us, with fashion month’s recent spring/summer 2021 season seeing what has likely the most curve models cross the runway in its history.

  1. Ashley Graham, US$5.5 to 10 million (AU$7.7 to 14 million), according to Forbes and estimates
  2. Hunter McGrady, US$6 million (AU$8.4 million), according to estimates
  3. Crystal Renn, US$6 million (AU$8.4 million), according to estimates
  4. Tess Holliday, US$3 million (AU$4.2 million), according to estimates
  5. Iskra Lawrence, US$2 million (AU$2.8 million), according to Forbes
  6. Tara Lynn US$1 to 1.5 million (AU$1.4 to 2.1 million), according to estimates
  7. Denise Bidot, US$1 million (AU$1.4 million), according to estimates
  8. Candice Huffine, US$1 million (AU$1.4 million), according to estimates
  9. Precious Lee, US$1 million (AU$1.4 million), according to estimates
  10. Robyn Lawley, US$0.5 to 1 million (AU$0.72 to 1.4 million), according to estimates

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