Kristen Stewart’s House: When You Get Dragged Thru the Mud, Go Live By the Ocean

Yep y’all. This is another article about Kristen Stewart. There can never be enough articles about Kristen Stewart. As you probably already know, Ms. Stewart is the actress with the scarlet letter on her chest, formerly known as one half of the couple that “Twilight” built, who was recently caught having an affair. The other half of her ill-advised tryst, a married father of two, and her director on a previous film, has managed to remain mysteriously scrutiny free, while Kristen has received a rather thorough drubbing by just about everyone. Her boyfriend moved out of the home they shared, and put the house up for sale. This meant that she had to move of course. After a stint at her parent’s home (probably not a great time, since her parents are in the middle of finalizing their divorce), she has moved into a Malibu beach house of her own.

Kristen Stewart’s house is 5,800 square feet and is made up of 5 bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms. The house also includes a separate guest house, and a lot of shrubbery to deter paparazzi and gawkers. Or maybe that just provides more places for them to hide. Kristen Stewart’s house also features hardwood floors, floor-to-ceiling walls of glass for stunning views, and lots of light. Though she is living there, Kristen Stewart’s house was actually purchased by her mother for $4.8 million, so this may just be a multi-million dollar “starter home”, for the now very single young star.

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