Tired of succumbing to the norms of the society, Iskra decided to create a self-image in the area of fitness, and health. She made a social media profile and started uploading un-edited photos of herself. She wanted to be completely transparent in public. Her popularity skyrocketed, and she started gaining attention from all across the globe for her curvy figure, boldness, and bravery. Some of her accomplishments include being a cover model, fitness enthusiast, guest blogger, internet personality and author and ambassador of National Eating Disorders Association Ambassador

BBC has named her as one of the top hundred Women in 2016. In her school days, Iskra has also been a national level swimmer. She is a model for an American lingerie range named Aerie.

Here are some questions about Iskra Lawrence

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Did Iskra Lawrence go to college?
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Why is Iskra Lawrence famous?
Is Iskra married?

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