Emma Roberts Boyfriends, Dating History

In 2012, Emma Roberts Began dating entertainer Evan Peters while Dealing with Adult World. Notwithstanding a 2013 residential maltreatment occurrence (Roberts was seized, however Peters did not press charges), the couple ended up occupied with March 2014. Nonetheless, the relationship moved toward becoming off and on, inevitably prompting a May 2016 separation.

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Who is Emma Roberts dating?

Alex Pettyfer (2007–2008), Max Thieriot (2007), Ryan Sheckler (November 2008 — April 2009), Dathan Kuppin (2009-October 2010), Chace Crawford (February 2011 — March 2011), Chord Overstreet (April 2011 — May 2012), Evan Peters (July 2012-July 2015), Christopher Hines (2016), Hayden Christensen (2017), Garrett Hedlund (2019-Present)

Emma Roberts Measurements

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Image Source: UberGossip.com

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