Daisy Keech stays fit by working out on a regular basis. Mostly, she avoids doing cardio and focuses mainly on weight training. However, she might do a little cardio when she is trying to lose a bit of her weight but even then, she would first try changing her diet. She prefers HIIT workouts to cardio training.

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Moreover, Daisy Keech’s background as a soccer player helped her maintain a lean physique while growing up. Usually, she workouts 4 to 6 times a week and takes 2 to 3 rest days. She does lower body workout 3 to 4 times a week and upper body workout 2 to 3 times a week. To manage cellulite, she relies on weight training and does exercises such as hip thrusts.

As far as her diet is concerned, Daisy Keech does not go counting calories in whatever she eats and rather eats intuitively and tries to consume 1500 to 1600 calories per day. Her go-to breakfast is the green smoothie and she also often eats a protein bar. As she is allergic to egg, her breakfast options are sort of limited and she usually opts for waffles, smoothies, a toast or a bagel with avocados and turkey on top. She tries to eat healthy 80 to 90 percent of the time.

Daisy Keech Facts

  1. She grew up in Northern California, United States.
  2. Daisy Keech was in 8th grade when she genuinely started working out in the gym.
  3. Her school years were not that easy as her classmates were mean to her. Once, a boy photoshopped her picture on the back of a horse because she liked country music.
  4. Growing up, she used to play soccer and has played the sport for around 13 to 15 years.
  5. Daisy Keech hated studying in a college.
  6. She joined Instagram in January 2018.
  7. Her natural hair is curly but she likes them more when they have been straightened up. Also, curly hair makes her feel like a mess, while, straight hair gives her the confidence and she feels put together.
  8. Daisy Keech joined YouTube with her eponymous channel on August 15, 2016, and the first video that she uploaded on her channel on February 25, 2018, was titled “5 EXERCISES TO BUILD A BIGGER BOOTY!! That butt squeeze though”.
  9. People often ask her whether she has dyed her red patch of hair but the truth is that she hasn’t and that is just something natural.
  10. When it comes to love and dating, Daisy Keech’s style is a bit old school as she thinks that hooks up and one night stands aren’t really her thing as she prefers having a loving relationship with her significant other. However, she has no problem with others who prefer hookups as she respects their choices as much as she does her own.
  11. She is very picky when it comes to having a boyfriend and would not start a relationship unless she has some real feelings for the other person. She feels that they would both be wasting their time if there aren’t any real feelings in their relationship.
  12. Daisy Keech loves guys who have tattoos and are tall and have a buffed-up physique.
  13. If she has to choose between a guy who is a musician and a guy who plays some sports, she would surely go with the latter. Also, it would be an add-on if the guy rides a motorcycle.
  14. She believes in soulmates and the theory that there is one person for everyone in this world. She is a hopeless romantic.
  15. Daisy Keech is allergic to egg.
  16. She gets motivated by seeing her before and after pictures.
  17. Her top 4 motivators are Tammy Hembrow, Robin Gallant, Nikki Blackketter, and Whitney Simmons.
  18. If she could live anywhere in the world, Daisy Keech would choose to live in Colorado, United States.
  19. She has 2 dogs named Harley and Tate.
  20. She loves the fall season.
  21. To do with all the fake-butt accusations for once and for all, she uploaded a video on her YouTube channel on April 26, 2019, where world-renowned expert Dr. Ghavami confirmed that her butt was indeed real.
  22. Usually, Daisy Keech carries her wallet, some tampons, hand sanitizer, a phone charger, a pair of Ray-Ban, a hair tie, moisturizer, a lipstick, and a pen in her purse.
  23. She is kind of an introvert when it comes to parties and stuff.
  24. She is a cleanliness freak and is kind of a perfectionist.
  25. Daisy Keech also likes to have matching things.
  26. On June 24, 2019, she uploaded a picture on Instagram in which she can be seen boxing with the popular social media personality, actor, director, and musician, Logan Paul.
  27. Her advice to people who are new to exercising and working out in the gym is to stay confident and motivated and not feel intimidated by others because they also started from somewhere. So, staying consistent and focused is the key.
  28. Follow Daisy Keech on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

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