After Challenging Depp To A ‘Cage Fight’ Looks Like Elon Musk Has Been Roped Into Upcoming Suit With Amber Heard

There has not been as much forward momentum The upcoming Johnny Depp and Amber Heard lawsuit and countersuit in recent weeks, though there have been moves made by both actors’ legal organizations. While we wait for various people involved to be deposed, one new bit of information that has apparently come down the pipeline is a new report that suggests Elon Musk might be roped back into the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard court drama. The news comes just a couple of months later Musk jokingly challenged Depp into a”cage fight” related to his U.K. libel case.

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Now, Johnny Depp’s lawyers in the U.S. possess Subpoenaed Elon Musk associated with the Virgina-based defamation lawsuit which has Depp suing for $50 million and Amber Heard suing for $100 million. Elon Musk isn’t the sole person or persons Depp’s lawyers are attempting to have sit down and be deposed with regard to the case. The ACLU’s First Amendment team and its Foundation have also been subpoenaed. Encountered, Depp’s lawyers want all relevant documentation to be flipped over into the courtroom and want all parties to be deposed as a member of the new litigation. Specifically, there are reportedly 24 requests in the subpeona for Elon Musk to divulge any information he may have regarding the connection between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.
Are The Nonprofit And Elon Musk Connected And How Does Johnny Depp Factor In?

In a nutshell, these things really are not connected. Elon Musk has only Been brought up again and again in Johnny Depp’s legal matters this year because he dated Amber Heard following the demise of her marriage to the Pirates of the Caribbean celebrity. For his role, Depp has maintained that Heard was cheating on him through their marriage and thereby wants Elon Musk to be deposed to get to the bottom of that matter.

All these allegations came up time and time again through the libel case, inducing Elon Musk to become among the renowned names connected into the circumstance. He never seems to have taken any of it particularly seriously, however, as far as the summer of 2020, Elon Musk openly denied the allegations He had an affair with Amber Heard and even went so far as to joke to a”cage struggle” after studying Depp might have made threatening remarks in a text. After his connection with Heard, Musk is currently with singer Grimes and they have a child, X AE A-XII, together.

The nonprofit organization has seemingly been Drawn in after action on Amber Heard’s end. She had announced years ago that she’d donate the money from her divorce settlement with Johnny Depp, but it was recently disclosed that she’d only donated a portion of the funds she had stated could be going to charity. A representative later cited money loopholes from continuing court cases as the problem behind why the complete number of monetary contributions had failed to materialize. Depp’s team seemingly wants more information about this too.

These are not the only residue requests Lately, since Amber Heard’s personal legal team has asked that various Documentation associated with the last few years of correspondence between Her staff has also asked someone from Disney be deposed on the matter. One of those incidents that came up during the libel case was Amber Heard claiming she had been held”hostage” by Depp through a weekend he had had away from playing Captain Jack Sparrow, so that may be the relationship.

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